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Note from the President regarding Brenda Caplan

It is with a heavy heart that I notify you that Ms. Brenda Caplan passed away this morning, June 5, 2015.

Brenda served the Engineers Foundation as a member, a past director and most notably as Secretary between 1997-2005. She held the role of Secretary for the Foundation while also serving as the Executive Assistant to the President and Registrar of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). Taking her role with the Foundation very seriously, Brenda kept the administration of its work on track, including its succession planning. In fact, it was Brenda who enthusiastically recruited me, as a new member of PEO staff, to the Foundation’s membership and introduced me to the great work being done.

Brenda cared deeply for the engineering profession, its students and engineers. She easily adopted the role of the profession’s #1 cheerleader. For the Foundation, she was a dynamic advocate always looking for ways to improve its awareness and fundraising. As Brenda personally knew pretty much every engineer in Ontario who volunteered their time to the profession, she undoubtedly has asked all of them at some point in time to make a personal donation.

Brenda always put the needs of others first and was not shy to reach out and make people feel included. For the many volunteer hours that she gave of her own time, the Foundation has been able to help many engineering students through scholarships and awards. She will be sorely missed.

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Marisa Sterling, P.Eng.


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