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Our purpose is to nurture tomorrow’s engineers by providing deserving students with recognition, financial assistance and connections into the path to license.

The Foundation provides scholarships to encourage engineering students to pursue careers in the profession. The Foundation makes funds available to each engineering school, which awards the scholarships according to criteria established by the Foundation. The scholarships are financed through donations from Ontario professional engineers. Each year, individual professional engineers donate over $100,000 to the Foundation.


The Foundation connects with students and gives them a sense of belonging to a respected profession with long standing traditions. The Foundation reinforces high standards and professional competence by rewarding academic achievement and giving students an understanding of the values of the profession so that they can accept the responsibilities of becoming professional engineers.

The Foundation also provides temporary financial assistance to professional engineers and their families in extenuating circumstances.

The Foundation maintains a fund for donations and sponsorships to support PEO’s Engineer-in-Residence (EIR) program, which provides volunteer engineers to support science and mathematics curricula in elementary and secondary schools across Ontario.


"Your (the Foundation) organization should be applauded on the role it has played for 5 decades in the support and advancement of professional engineers in our province…. Your commitment to engineering students, the engineering profession, and to future engineering leadership is most appreciated" - David Wilkinson, P.Eng., dean, Faculty of Engineering, McMaster

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