Message From The President

Sue Tessier

Professional engineers have a well-earned reputation for giving their time, talents, and money to the society that has entrusted them with the responsibility of governing the practice of engineering in the public interest. They are particularly generous when it comes to helping young people pursue interests and careers in science, technology, and engineering. If you are an engineer, this website is for you.

The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education (Engineers Foundation) encourages Ontario engineering students to achieve academic excellence and to develop their leadership qualities through the awarding of entrance and undergraduate scholarships. These scholarships demonstrate the commitment of the profession to its future leadership and to professional excellence. I urge all professional engineers to make an investment in the next generation of our profession by contributing to the work of the Engineers Foundation.

If you are, or plan to be, an engineering student, this website is also for you. By choosing to study engineering, you are preparing yourself to become part of an honourable and important self-governing profession with high standards of knowledge, skill, and responsibility. Academic studies are the first step to acquiring the competence to practise as a professional. The engineers who have gone before you want to encourage you to strive for excellence in your studies.

To apply for an Engineers Foundation scholarship, please consult your university’s awards office or your engineering faculty office. And please accept my best wishes on behalf of the Engineers Foundation for success in your studies and your engineering career. We look forward to your joining the ranks of the engineering profession.


Sue Tessier, P.Eng.
President & Chair