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The Professional Engineers Benevolent Fund was established under the Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education in 1986 as a result of a bequest earmarked to provide a fund for professional engineers experiencing financial hardship. The Benevolent Fund provides temporary financial assistance to applicants and their families in extenuating circumstances.

Professional engineers who have been licensed by Professional Engineers Ontario for at least one year are eligible to apply to the Benevolent Fund.

Assistance is available through the Benevolent Fund for the following:

  • rehabilitation following mental or physical disability
  • retraining (for example, following redundancy or obsolescence)
  • compassionate circumstances requiring immediate and urgent assistance
  • unemployment during an unusually prolonged job search
  • enterprising individuals suffering financial hardship arising from unfortunate business or economic circumstances

The Benevolent Fund does not provide an ongoing income supplement.

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The Benevolent application form is now available online. Fill out the form below to submit your application now.

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Income Information

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Asset Information

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Confirmation and Reference Information

I anticipate the following material changes in the information set out above:

I (we) authorize the Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education to obtain such
factual and investigative information pertaining to the above information as they see fit with the
understanding that all information will remain confidential.

Please indicate a reference who could be contacted to provide details about your circumstances.

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Prefer to Apply Offline?

Complete the Benevolent Fund application form. The form must be completed and submitted to the address below with a covering letter outlining why the funds are needed. The applications are reviewed, in confidence, by an advisory board of professional engineers, to evaluate each applicant's specific needs and circumstances.

Benevolent Fund application forms can be downloaded here and are also available from the Foundation for Education, telephone 416-224-1100, ext 1222,
or 1-800-268-0496
E-mail: Foundation For Education

Mailing Address:
Ontario Professional Engineers Benevolent Fund
c/o Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education
40 Sheppard Ave W, Suite 101
Toronto, Ontario M2N 6K9

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