Information Collected and Consents

PEO Donors: A database of donors, their addresses and annual donation amounts is kept on record. Access to this database is limited to PEO staff only for purposes of providing tax receipts. Member solicitations are made via a letter in PEO’s annual fee renewals. Permission to continue to use the donor’s address for future mailings will be requested via a checkbox on correspondence. A reply with donation will be taken as implied consent for future use of that address.

Scholarship Applicants: Scholarship applicants apply directly through their university which administers the scholarships on behalf of FFE. Applicants may be asked periodically to give permission to allow their name and photo to be used on the FFE web site as part of the promotion of the Foundation and its scholarship programs.

Benevolent Fund Applicants: Benevolent Fund applicants apply in writing using a pre-printed form marked “Private & Confidential”. Applications are viewed only by a designated staff member of PEO or the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) under the direction of the Secretary of the Benevolent Fund and by the Benevolent Fund Advisory Board that reviews all applications. All correspondence and decisions relating to specific applications are plainly marked confidential. No electronic copies of applications are made. All paper files are stored if filing cabinets and stored in a secure location. Under no circumstances are names of applicants revealed except to those authorized above.

Board Members/Directors: Any information gathered from board members/directors that falls under the definition of personal information shall remain confidential, kept in a secure location and used only with the individual’s permission until such time as they are no longer involved with FFE.

Limiting Collection: FFE does not collect, use or disclose personal information of individuals except when permission has been granted and the individual has provided the information on a voluntary basis . If personal information is needed, FFE outlines why the information is needed and limits the amount and type of information collected to only that which is required. That information is then kept strictly confidential.

Third Party Use: FFE does not sell or trade any personal information with third parties. Any personal information FFE retains is kept in such a manner to ensure its security and confidentiality at all times.

Safeguarding and Access to Personal Information: To protect the privacy of our donors, scholarship applicants and web site users, FFE allows only identified staff with access to any collected personal information. Personal information is stored in electronic and physical files that are secure and only accessible by identified staff that have a specific reason for needing access to the information ( provide tax receipts, for correspondence to the individual, etc.)