Jackson White

Jackson White
2016 Entrance Scholarship
Second Year Student at Laurentian University, specializing in Chemical Engineering

As a child, Jackson loved to take things apart to see how they worked. His parents used to joke that he was destined for a career in engineering. This hands-on approach to learning combined with advanced placement in mathematics and a strict work ethic eventually turned this joke into a budding career as a chemical engineer.

Jackson has one piece of advice for other students: “Do your work as soon as you get it.” In Grade 11 his own approach to time and stress management served him well when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Despite this family crisis he still managed to excel academically, receive an academic scholarship, and make both his parents proud. “I know I need to work hard and I’m going to work hard. This experience reinforced the importance of thinking ahead,” he says.

Jackson recalls, “I had the biggest smile on my face,” after learning he received the Foundation for Education’s scholarship. It allowed him to spend precious time with his family rather than working part-time during his Christmas Break. “$1500 for me is one month of work, so realizing that I did not have to go into work at all made me very emotional. ” Receiving the scholarship meant more than time and money. “It was a motivation I didn’t know I needed,” he says. “Having just written one exam and having five more, it weighs you down. But as soon as I got that, I was that much more energized and confident.”

While it’s too early to decide on his ultimate career, two very different options come to mind. His passion for chemistry and interest in nuclear energy has sparked his interest in exploring a career at the Bruce Nuclear Plant. But he could also apply his knowledge of chemical engineering to the craft brewery industry. Jackson is keeping all doors open.