Clive Chan

Clive Chan
2018 Undergraduate Scholarship
Third year student at University of Waterloo, specializing in Software Engineering

Clive Chan’s passion for programming and physics led him to pursue a degree in software engineering. He felt it was the perfect intersection of math and engineering and he traces his interest in the field back to the ninth grade when he built a website which did calculations for math problems. He described seeing his work in action and operating successfully as an immensely satisfying feeling.

Chan has acted as the Technical Director for Waterloop, the University of Waterloo’s Hyperloop student design team, since September 2017. Waterloop takes part in SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition and Chan was elected to lead a team of more than fifty students in the creation of a pod. In this role he was tasked with design, recruitment, mentoring, and sponsorship outreach. He stresses the importance of extracurriculars to students in engineering programs, advising that “less than half of my education is from classes; I find that I learn a lot more from extracurricular activities.”

As a winner of the Undergraduate Scholarship, Chan appreciated the financial assistance, which “freed up some of my money to allow me to further my education.” Specifically, he was able to invest in projects which he found exciting. Moreover, Chan appreciates the recognition. “In a setting where everyone is competing, it was validating to know the Foundation selected me for this distinction.”

As he looks to the future, Chan considers machine learning as a possible area of further study. The intersection of software and hardware is where he believes his skillset would be best served.