Message From The President

Photo Arthur Sinclair

I am incredibly grateful for my education. My engineering degree forms part of my identity; education is part of my story. This is why I am involved in the Professional Engineers Foundation for Education. An awful lot goes into a university degree. It is the culmination of knowledge passed down through generations. The Foundation’s mission is to nurture engineering students into licensed engineers by inspiring academic and leadership excellence, providing financial assistance and connecting students with to mentors and employers.

Throughout Ontario, engineering students work hard every day to make the most of their university education. The Professional Engineers Foundation for Education provides scholarships to students who demonstrate leadership and academic achievement. A donation to the Foundation gives back to the next generation and supports our vision to expand the assistance engineering students receive.

A Professional Engineers Foundation for Education scholarship provides deserving students with recognition, financial assistance and connections into the pathway to the P.Eng. license. I have heard many students’ stories about how meaningful it is to receive financial assistance and the incredible confidence boost of being awarded a Foundation scholarship.

Your donation helps advance engineering education in Ontario. Humans are storytellers. Storytellers take many forms, teachers and professors, parents and family, scientists and engineers, knowledge keeper and elders. I encourage you to make participating in the Professional Engineers Foundation for Education part of your story and help keep the story going for hard-working students throughout the province.


Arthur Sinclair, P.Eng.

President & Chair