Isa Murray
2018 Undergraduate Scholarship
Graduated in 2018 from University of Ottawa, specializing in Electrical Engineering

Isa Murray’s interests in mathematics and technology made electrical engineering her ideal choice of study. Her father, an electrical engineer, was a strong supporter of her passion from a from a young age. Given this influence, it came as no surprise to her family when she chose to study Electrical Engineering. She and her father often share their experiences and have developed a special connection as members of this field.

At the University of Ottawa, Murray was involved with many extracurricular activities, including serving as the electrical engineering representative in the uOttawa Engineering Students’ Society, and participating in the uOttawa Engineering Competition.

When she found out she had won the Undergraduate Scholarship, awarded to students who exhibit exceptional role model qualities through participation in non-academic activities while maintaining high grades, she first called her parents to tell them. Her father was extremely proud of her and she felt it was proof for them of the effort she was putting in. The scholarship also allowed her to ease off from her part-time job and focus on her schooling.

Murray currently works as a system software specialist for CAE and is excited to gain experience in her new role. In the long-term, she plans to become a licensed engineer; through licensure, she believes that “doors open, and people tend to treat you more seriously.” She knows that the future holds something enjoyable which allows her to showcase her high energy and technical expertise.

She offers this piece of advice for students entering their first year of their engineering program: “Be confident. Get involved. There is something out there for you, whether its clubs or people that share the same interests.”