John Kamel
2015 Gold Medal Winner
2011 Entrance Scholarship Winner
Graduated in 2015 from Ryerson University, specializing in Aerospace Engineering

As a graduate of Ryerson’s Aerospace Engineering, John has had time to reflect on what his degree has taught him. “Engineering is more than just the concepts you learn in class. It is about the mental training you go through and being able to handle many different challenges you are faced with,” he says. Outside of the classroom, John was involved with intramural sports and part of Ryerson’s Aerospace Engineering Student Union, where he helped organize events and review course curriculum.

Six years after receiving his entrance scholarship award in 2011, John still remembers his reaction, “When I realized that this award is only given to two people at each university, I had a moment and thought that it was great to receive an award from such a reputable organization. It gave me a vote of confidence. When I would approach my studies after that, I would tell myself that I’ve been successful thus far so there’s nothing to be worried about.” Receiving the Gold Medal during his graduation in 2015, John says that it was another self-assuring moment that reminded him he was going about things the right way.

John is currently working at Ernst & Young as a consultant for their advisory arm, where he evaluates the success of business models and recommends solutions to complex problems. While his job is not directly related to engineering, John believes that the skills he learned in school are all transferable in the job world. “What many companies are looking for are people who are problem-solvers, analytical, and organized, which are all things you learn in engineering. Engineers are people who are capable of doing so much more than one thing,” he says. John is also doing a part-time MBA at Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson.