Keer Liu
2018 Undergraduate Scholarship
Second Year Student at University of Waterloo, specializing in Software Engineering

Keer Liu’s passion for engineering can be traced back to her father, an engineer, who showed her the joy of tinkering with machines at an early age. When it was time to decide what career to pursue, she consulted her father’s advice, and chose to study Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. At Waterloo, Liu served as the Engineering Hackathon Director for UW EngSoc, the Software Engineering Representative for the UW Mathematics Society, and the Website Developer for the UW Engineering Society.

Liu felt elated upon receiving the award, stating, “the scholarship was an acknowledgement for my effort and contributions to the engineering community in the university, and further pushed me to work harder.” She added that it provided her with a boost of motivation and confidence.

While Liu has no specific plans yet, she looks forward to working in the engineering industry. She hopes she can contribute her excellent programming skills toward improving the efficiency of products in her field. Additionally, she plans to become a licensed engineer.

Liu offers the following piece of advice for students beginning their journey: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s for your studies, how to become a better engineer, or just with life in general, ask for help. Ask your teachers, your friends, family, or anyone you trust.”