Rosalie Bruneau
2016 Entrance Scholarship
Second Year Student at Laurentian University, specializing in Chemical Engineering

Rosalie believes that an engineer’s true purpose goes beyond the technical aspect of the profession. “Engineering is not just about building and creating things, it’s a profession where you develop new skills and gain knowledge in the hopes of improving society and creating a better world,” she says. Rosalie believes that by studying chemical engineering, she will be in a position down the road to help many people.

Outside of the classroom, Rosalie is the Vice-President in Communications of Laurentian University Engineering Student Society. “I believe communications in engineering is really important because it is all about expressing your ideas to other people,” she says. Rosalie also co-founded an international project with a fellow classmate called Let’s Be Genius. This initiative shares inspirational stories from professional engineers and students around the world to create networking connections in the profession.

“Receiving the Foundation for Education’s scholarship allowed me to completely focus on my studies without having to think about any financial problems that would keep increasing on me throughout my first year.” Rosalie also credits the scholarship for allowing her to make contacts in the profession, “I met the first woman who graduated from Laurentian University and she has given me advice. Having a role model to look up to has helped me push myself even more.”

Looking ahead to her future, Rosalie is most excited about bringing her leadership and communication skills to the profession of engineering. Rosalie is exploring many different career options after graduation and can see herself working in the industrial or medical field where she can make a valuable difference.